Where can I buy the BACKPAD?
BACKPAD is so far only available through our Amazon-Shop linked here.


Is BACKPAD available with other designs?
By now we’re focussing on plain designs that are well adjusted to your iPhone and complement its inherent design but we’re working on more different designs as well.


Can the microfiber cloth be cleaned?
Yes. Over time dust and dirt can accumulate within the microfiber. In case that happens, you can simply rinse the cloth thoroughly with water. Don’t use any detergents.
Can the leather back be cleaned?
Yes. Stains and dirt can be easily and gently removed with water. For heavy stains please only use cleaning agents suitable specifically for leather. Make sure that no leather care or cleaning products get in touch with the Micro Suction Tape or the microfiber cloth on the inside since that could lead to reduced cleaning activity and adhesion of the pad.
My BACKPADs adhesion is reduced, what can I do?
The Micro Suction Tape on the inside consists of many small pores that create a small vacuum on the iPhones surface leading to adhesion without any remnants. Over time small dust particles can accumulate in the Micro Suction Tape leading to reduced adhesion. These dust particles can be easily removed by sticking clear tape to the adhesion areas and removing the tape again together with the dust. The original strength of adhesion can be easily restored this way.


Where does the leather for BACKPAD originate from?
For manufacturing we rely on short supply chains and high-quality material. The leather used for BACKPAD thus originates from regional suppliers Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
Where does the microfiber cloth on the inside originate from?
For the materials on the inside we also rely on high-quality materials of local manufacturers and thus use a patented solution from our supplier in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


Can I use cleaning agents to support cleaning the display with BACKPAD?
Cleaning activity can be improved by moistening the microfiber cloth with water. Cleaning agents are better not used.
Can I only clean my display with BACKPAD?
We use a high-quality microfiber cloth for BACKPAD that can be used for cleaning of different materials as eyeglass lenses, small glazed surfaces etc. Therefore you can use your BACKPAD for more than just your iPhone display.
Is BACKPAD an alternative to a protective cover?
No! BACKPAD prevents damage with a slip-proof surface and provides slight protection for the camera and the casing but it cannot replace a proper protective casing.
Can I use BACKPAD in addition to a protective casing?
BACKPAD generally adheres to all smooth surfaces so it depends on the material of the protective cover whether you can use BACKPAD with it.

You have any more questions regarding BACKPAD? We’re glad to help! If you cannot find your answer in our FAQs you can contact us directly here.
Email:  Service@BACKPAD.International