A fashionable genuine leather stand

If you are traveling you may lean back and use BACKPAD as a stand to stream your favorite movie

Convenient and Multifunctional

The outer side of the BACKPAD is made from genuine leather to prevent slipping of the phone on surfaces, provides mild shock-absorbing effects and protect the back surface of your phone and its camera.
With its two surfaces consisting of high-tech micro suction tape, the BACKPAD firmly attaches to the back of the phone  without glue. An ultra-fine microfiber cloth on the inside of the BACKPAD can be used to gently clean the phone display.

Clear view to the phone display and camera

Rough or dirty surfaces are often leading to scratches on the phone surface or even worse, its camera. The BACKPAD’s thickness of 2 mm protects the phone from slipping and scratching when laying on surfaces and even prevents camera contact to the surface.

No Glue,

No Residues

The high-tech Micro Suction tape is a result of the latest research in the field of nano technology. Its surface contains ultra small pores that create thousands of small vacuum-like spaces, so that it firmly attaches to the surface without any glue, therefore leaving no traces on the phone.
With the microfiber cloth, the display and the phone surface can be cleaned effectively at any time. If the phone is extremely dirty, it can be used slightly wet to increase the power of its cleaning properties. If dirt or dust sticks to the micro suction tape, it can be easily cleaned using normal tape, so it will never lose its ability to attach firmly to the phone surface.

Not only efficient, but also long-term Cleaning of the phone display

The high quality microfiber cloth of the BACKPAD ensures gentle and effective cleaning of the phone display. Optimized to protect the long lasting cleaning efficiency and functionality, it attaches to the back surface of the phone protecting it from dust and dirt. 

Designed to decorate the phone

In contrast to phone protection cases, the BACKPAD does not hide the design of the phone, but decorates it by fitting perfectly to the curves of the iPhone. With its two surfaces consisting of high-tech micro suction tape, the BACKPAD firmly attaches to the back of the phone without glue. 


BACKPAD is available for

iPhone 5/ 5S / SE / 6 /6s and iPhone 7

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